Professional Grade Skincare vs Department Store.

Professional Grade Skincare vs Department Store.

The real difference

I get asked this question a lot so I thought I would write a blog on what is the difference between products purchased from professionals opposed to products purchased from a chemist, department store or supermarket.

Firstly let me make one thing clear your skins main function is for protection. Your skin is a barrier and that is obvious when you step outside into heavy rain you would literally swell up and fill with water if we did not have that layer of protection. Your skins job is to repel things in the environment and things that can be damaging to our body like micro organisms and bacteria.

Professional grade products are made to penetrate your skin and they are able to do this because they are formulated a special way. In order to permeate your skin it has to be sold by a licensed professional. That professional could be aesthetician, cosmetologist, dermatologist, physician or even plastic surgeon. The difference between a professional grade skincare product and one bought from chemist are meant to permeate the skin to make a positive change in your skin. Whatever that change may be, you may want a clearer brighter skin or younger skin. A lot of chemists and department stores make a lot of promises about how their products have fabulous ingredients and they may have fabulous ingredients in them, however if they are not formulated to penetrate the skin those fabulous ingredients are going to sit on the surface of your skin, make your skin feel nice & soft, but not actually doing anything to change your skin condition.

Professionals that sell you the products have the knowledge to know what products & ingredients are going to work best for you. You can imagine that if all skincare products were formulated to penetrate the skin there would be lots of problems and side effects and be dangerous if anyone could pick up anything off the shelf just because they think it would suit their skin condition. The skin is a very complex organ and even qualified aestheticians and professionals sometimes get it wrong.

Don’t be fooled by a really expensive jar of moisturiser from a department store or chemist just because its expensive, doesn’t mean its going to work. Again if its not formulated to penetrate correctly then its not going to be sold by a non professional.

You might be thinking that professional products are expensive, that because professional products are expensive to produce. They are researched and tested which is expensive. My advice would be focus on what concerns you most about your skin. That might be dark spots, uneven skin tone acne or ageing and invest in a product that is going to make the most change in your skin, so whether that is a serum, moisturiser or booster you can use less expensive to complete your regime. Everyone should also invest in a good quality SPF 50+ Sunscreen that has no fillers. I have a blog post relating to the difference between good quality sunscreens.

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