Soothe My Soul


Restoration and Hydration

Reactive, Sensitive, Sun damaged

Take your Medi-Facial to the next level with the ultimate in nourishing, hydrating and refreshing treatments, using oxygen, LED and massage. The LED renews skin and helps restore its suppleness, while addressing wrinkles to give facial skin a fresh, healthy appearance. Seven different lights are used in sequence and target skin conditions.

Including skin suffering from rosacea, sensitive, sun damaged, and help eliminate toxins. An oxygenating peel is used to brighten pigmentation, purify and target problem skin. A soothing facial massae provides added relaxation. For desired results and ultimate effectiveness, LED treatmenhts are recommended once a week.

Recommended Add-ons: 15% Lactic Wash, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplanning.

Key Benefits
  • Excellent Exfoliation
  • Deep Cleansing of pores
  • Skin appears firmer
  • Soothes and smoothes skin
Recommended Upgrades:

Level 1 – Soothe My Soul Facial

Level 4 – Facial & LED