Detox & Glow Facial Treatment – (60 mins) $150

 The Detox & Glow facial treatment does exactly that…

Detoxifying the skin can rid our complexion of impurities resulting in natural, healthy glow.

Rich in minerals this unique blend of ingredients help to activate your skin blood flow and stimulate collagen production.

The Detox & Glow facial treatment gently exfoliates and polishes the skin surface, whilst moisturising. Your skin will feel smooth, softer and will be glowing after.

Brings sluggish skin back to life with the layering method. Featuring Bromelin enzyme derived from pineapple this mask works to break down protien and helps to rejuvenate the the skin.

Every skin type can benefit from this type of exfoliation and hydrating mask.

Add ons to this treatment.

  • You are also able to upgrade this treatment to pomegranate peel (15% Lactic Acid peel)
  • Add oxygen mask
  • Add LED