At Skin Envy in Warrimoo, following a skin consultation, a peel will be selected to suit your needs. Our clinical peels create maximum results, with minimum downtime. Improve sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines, lack of vitality, poor tone and texture, acne, rosacea and inflammation. A consultation with one of our skin therapists is recommended to determine which peel and customised plan, to achieve optimal results.

Blueberry Smoothie

Polishing Antioxidant Peel

A delicious refreshing scrub that invirgirates the skin with the use of gentle  AHA acid. Active blueberry extracts exfoliate restore  a youuthful glow. This light pee3l is great for congestion and rough textured skin. 


Key Ingredients & Benefits
  • L-Lactic Acid
  • Bluecorn Meal
  • Jojoba Beads
  • Bueberry


AHA Lactic

Lactobotanical formulas are a synergistic marriage between chirally correct L- Lactic Acid and the patented Canadian Willowherb extract. Lactobotanical Peel 20% is an ideal introduction to professional treatments with an opportunity to advance to Lactobotanical Peels 30 and 40%.


Key Ingredients & Benefits

L-Lactic Acid | Lactic Acid is a gentle AHA that effectively exfoliates to help retexturise the skin improving the appearance of the signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkle and dark pigmented areas, while providing hydrating properties to maintain moisture levels of the skin.

Canadian Willowherb Extract | A comforting antioxidant that helps to minimise the risk of adverse effects on the skin.

Pomegranate Peel

Nourishing Exfoliating Peel

The perfect pick-me-up for all skin types, conditions and Pomegranate NOURISHING concerns. This gentle, antioxidant peel is specially designed to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly exfoliates while potent antioxidants prevent external free radical damage.

Key Ingredients & Benefits
  • L-Lactic Acid
  • Papain Resveratrol
  • EGCG

Problem Skin Peel

BHA Saliclyic

Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Beracare AAA the Problem Skin Peel is ideal for all problematic skin types. A deep exfoliating action paired with calming antioxidants, helps answer concerns associated with problematic skin including excess oil and redness.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Salicylic Acid 20% | Salicylic Acid is an oil soluble BHA providing deeper exfoliation helping to minimise excess oil and lift debris to clarify skin.

  • Beracare AAA | A effective blend of Amazonian plant extracts including Acai Berry extract, Andiroba extract and Copaiba Balsam, to help minimise appearance of redness and relieve irritated skin.

  • AHA Fruit Blend | Provides potent antioxidant and exfoliating properties to help improve texture of skin.


AHA & Retinol Age Defying 30-40%

This powerful Vitamin A and AHA peel supports significant AHA & RETINOL AGE cell turnover, resulting in smoother, denser, more hydrated

DEFYING PEEL skin. This peel works well for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentaion and perfecting the skin.

Key Ingredients
  • AGP Complex
  • L-Lactic Acid


Vitamin A & C Exfoliating Peel

A gentle, all purpose treatment with fruit enzymes, EXFOLIATING PEEL Vitamins A and C that resurfaces, corrects and protects.

Key Ingredients & Benefits
  • L-Ascorbic Acid
    AGP Retinol Complex Papain & Bromelain Blend Salicylic Acid
    Spanish Moss


Decongesting & Clarifying

A gentle epidermal treatment that decongests pores for Level 2 + Retinol Purity Peel CLARIFYING PEEL clearer, healthier-looking skin. Perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin.

Key Ingredients & Benefits
  • AGP Retinol Complex
  • Salicylic Acid L-Lactic Acid
  • L-Mandelic Acid
  • Pyruvic Acid
  • Ferulic Acid
  • Zinc

Deep Sea

Marine Polishing Peel

An advanced version of the Mini Deep Sea, this non-acidic marine based peel combines natural Sea herbs and essential oils which are massaged into the skin which initiate a cascade of cellular processes. This incredibly effective, peel works well for assisting with the appearance of fine lines wrinkles,hyper-pigmentation and scarring.

Key Ingredients
  • Sea Sponge
  • Coral Powder
  • Essential Oils