The Permance of Hair Removal Blue Mountains


If you are looking for a solution to permanent hair removal – then this is it. Skin Envy offers the only PERMANENT body hair removal method in Blue Mountains.

What is Electrolysis

My electrolysis studio delivers nothing but the best customisded approach to your treatment. Our equipment is the most advanced in the international industry meaning greater comfort and efficiency of your treatment. My treatments consist of world-class highly skilled electrologists and skin therapists that evaluate your skin type to ensure you get the best advice, approach, and treatment towards your fur-free journey with us.

Laser vs Electrolysis

Laser hair removal is only suitable for people with a select number of skin and hair types. The main reason behind that is because of the way laser hair removal works. In contrast, electrolysis works for practically anyone because of the nature of the treatment.

In terms of permanent results, accuracy, versatility, and safety, electrolysis is the clear choice that you should make. Furthermore, electrolysis carries fewer risks, and the side effects are minimal. Additionally, you do not have to undergo maintenance treatments typically associated with laser hair removal.

Why does Electrolysis work?

Localized heat or sodium hydroxide is applied to the root of each hair individually, destroying all sources of hair growth forever, making the hair unable to grow again. Unwanted hairs are removed without resistance during the process.