What is Dry Dehydrated Skin

As life takes hold and we put our skin through the rigours of what we do all day we start to look for the need for Dehydrated Skin Products.  This is normal, we all subject our skin to both harsh and extreme conditions every single day – whether it be the drying conditions of a heater or air conditioner or just out enjoying the delights of the sun.  Our skin needs to not only be protected but needs to be rehydrated from time to time – including this into our beauty regime will not only slow down the ageing of your skin but will help to build your skin and make it soft and supple.  We don’t have gardens that survive on no hydration, your skin needs the same love.  If you have the need for Deydrated Skin Products then please browse our range.  If you would like further advice, our Skin Envy team can consult with you on your exact needs. Read more about the causes of dehydration and dryness.