What is a High Definition Brow?

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is totally tailored to you – not a brow stencil in sight. It’s so much more than a standard eyebrow tint and wax; we combine our unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and make up application for bespoke brows that suit you. We work with you to create your perfect look, whether your wish to tame bushy brows or regrow overplucked eyebrows.

Brow Reshape


Classic eyebrow shaping as the name states. Simple waxing, shaping, tweezing and triming.

Virgin Brow


A deceptively natural look, subtle shaping techniques are used to create the appearance of brows that have never been touched. There is nothing like a clean canvas to create beauiful brows.

Hybrid Celebrity Brow

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn. A creation by brow stylist Dianne, this style instantly lifts the face creating an effortless, natural look. Includes waxing, tweezing, trimming and tinting.

Hybrid Lash & Brow Dye is an extra-long-lasting eyelash and eyebrow dye that colours both the skin and hair of the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Colour is designed to be retained up to 2 weeks on skin, and up to 7 weeks on hair. This is the only tint of its kind in the market giving you the same effect as Henna.


Henna Brow Makeover

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness. It lasts 7-14 days on skin and 6+ weeks on brow hair, but it’s dependant on your skin type. If you have a dryer complexion, Henna Brows will tend to last a bit longer than they would on someone with an oily complexion. Freckles will last about 7 days due to natural oils on our skin, plus skincare products/make up will make it fade faster.

Hybrid Brows

An innovative technique used to create full, brushed-up brows.  This involves straightening the brow hairs to tame and set them in place for a feathery, natural style. (Includes Brow Tidy).

Lash Lift - $75
Lash Lift & Tint - $85

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Tint Only - $20

Open Eyes Wide

If you’re unfamiliar with brow and lash tinting, dye is brushed directly onto eyelashes or eyebrows to darken them, The colour usually lasts about a month.  “Tinting looks much more natural than a brow pencil. You won’t see any of the little marks that your pencil can leave behind.


How long before i get refills?

We require clients to make refill appointments every two to three weeks; wait any longer and they’ll book your refill as a new, full set. As a result, you sometimes have to play schedule jigsaw, or get refills a week and a half after your first application if you are going out of town and can’t make the three-week window.

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