Expert Brow Services

Expert Brow Services

I want to know your preferences, current brow shape/growth and brow goals. Then precision shaping using waxing, tweezing and trimming will create the brows you envisioned.

I use wax specifically designed for sensitive skin so you’re as comfy as possible. Due to my background as a spa therapist, it is in my DNA to make sure clients are feeling cosy! Aftercare treatment is applied after your shaping, to soothe the area and limit any post waxing bumps or swelling.

Brow Tidy

Waxing, tweezing, trimming of lower brows

Virgin Brow Reshape

A complete brow reshape using waxing, tweezing, trimming. A deceptively natural look, sutle shaping techniques are used to create the appearance of brows that have never been touched.

Henna Brow Makeover

Brow shape and colour using henna. We colour match the right product to suit you. Waxing, henna colour, tweezing and trimming

The Celebrity Brow

Tis must have modern style is worn by Megan Markle. This style instantly lifts the face creating an effortless, natural look. Waxing, tinting, trimming & tweezing.

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