Booking Policy

Booking Policy

Skin Envy has a new Booking Policy designed to protect not only our business’ bottom line and in turn, our affordability, but also to keep things fair for all clients. No-shows and last minute cancellations enormously disadvantage our business. They also mean that other clients cannot book those time slots with us. We employ the very best therapists and we invest a great deal in further educating them. We, therefore, hope that you will appreciate the introduction of our new Booking Policy. A $30 deposit is required to secure all bookings. We understand that sometimes you may need to change your booking. We kindly request 24 hours notice so that we can offer that time slot to another client. By providing that notice, your deposit will be held for your next booking or refunded. If you don’t provide us with 24 hours notice or you fail to turn up for your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. You may, however, send a friend or family member in your place. We cannot accept messages left on Sundays or public holidays as sufficient notice, as we will not have enough time to try to rebook the time allocated to you. The Booking Policy will take effect as of 1/6/2018 for EXISTING CLIENTS and immediately for all NEW Clients.


We send you a confirmation SMS 48 hours prior to your appointment to which you can reply to confirm or cancel by calling the 02 4588 5265. If we do not receive a confirmation for your appointment either via text, phone or email by 9 am on the morning of your appointment; the system will automatically delete your appointment. Should you know that upon making the appointment you will be unable to confirm for any reason (eg. travelling) please notify us when booking so we can flag in our system.


Last minute cancellations will be treated the same as NO SHOWS.


If you are running late, you will have your treatment time shortened to avoid inconveniencing the client that has a booking after you. You will still be charged as per your original booking.


Please make your booking carefully; upon check out, you will be charged as per your original booking unless you have upgraded any of your treatments. Please notify us within a reasonable amount of time (4 hours) should you wish you delete any of your booked services so that we are able to offer these time slots to waitlisted clients.



Gift Voucher Redemptions

Cancellations within 24 hours or No Shows where in both cases a Gift Voucher was to be redeemed; will result in an automatic redemption of the Gift Voucher in question..

Thank You For Your Understanding

Our cancellation and salon policies allow us the time to inform our standby clients of any availability, as well as keeping our team members’ schedules filled, thus better serving everyone. Our policies are presented and provided with the best intention to offer our established and future clientele an enjoyable and seamless Skin Envy experience; every time. Thank you for understanding and supporting our policies.

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