CosMedix Benefit Peel is a gentle but effective Retinol skin peel that is suitable for all skin conditions. The Benefit Peel is a metabolic skin peel that helps to resurface, correct and protect the skin. Using a combination of Vitamin A in the form of 10% encapsulated Retinol AGP and Vitamin C in the form of 20% L-Ascorbic Acid. CosMedix Benefit Peel brightens, remodels and strengthens the skin from within.

Benefit Peel

Is the Benefit Peel right for me?

Unlike traditional skin peels that rely on acids for exfoliation, the Benefit Peel works with the skins natural renewal process and increases cell turnover. While basic chemical peels exfoliate from top-downwards, the Benefit Peel stimulates renewal from bottom-upwards. A much gentler, more effective way to skin peels. Learn more about Metabolic Skin Peels.

The BenefitPeel will renew my skin in 1-6 sessions

Unlike acids that exfoliate the surface of the skin by dissolving the bonds between the skin cells. The CosMedix Benefit Peel contains Retinol / Vitamin A which helps to normalise skin function. This hero ingredient increases cell turnover, regulates sebum activity, regulates melanocyte (pigment producing skin cells) activity and helps to restore the barrier function. With the combination of Vitamin C, the Benefit Peel is an effective treatment for boosting collagen production without wounding the skin.

What to expect from this peel

The CosMedix Benefit Peel is effective yet so gentle, its even suitable for sensitive skin, rosacea prone skin and black skin. All of which would carry higher risks with an acid skin peel.

In clinical testing, 91% of Benefit Peel recipients reported brighter skin, more uniform tone and less apparent wrinkles in just six weeks.