Acrylic Nails


When you visit my salon we assured that your nails will be performed by myself. With over 25 years creating masterpieces .There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for women, and so I’ve dedicated my career to pushing the boundaries, redefining nail artistry in Sydney.

Nails have the potential to be the ultimate statement accessory and I aim to provide all of my clients with nail art that reflects who they are and enhances their personal aesthetic – from fun and girly to dramatic and glamorous and everything in between.

I use an emendee workstation, a state-of-the-art professional nail technician table with an inbuilt fan that is so powerful it removes 99% of the dust produced during nail services – this makes my services 99% more hygienic than almost any salon you walk into. Learn more about emendee, the dangers of dust & the service benefits I offer using my emendee workstation at their information page.

In addition to the privacy, comfort & hygiene at my studio, my service is friendly and personal, “old-school salon” style. Most of my clients love the gossiping and chats as much as their nails. I love to hear about your life, your passions and your dreams as it will help inspire me.

In addition, I offer some of the latest and best nail technologies, including IBX Strengthen & Repair, Hard Gel Nail Extensions, & 4D Gel.

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