It all started when…

I have been a Beauty therapist for 25 years and what an amazing 25 years they have been. Sometimes I feel like the oldest skin therapist in Hawkesbury. Not oldest as in age oldest, but oldest in experience. Being the oldest means I have had time to trial all the weird and wonderful treatments, products and machines out there on the market.

I treat skin conditions, not skin types. By treating the condition you will get consistent change. If your current therapist is telling you your skin is ‘dry’, ‘oily’ or even worse still using the terminology ‘sensitive’ then it’s time to come see me.

I look at the ‘whys’ so that we can get to the bottom of why your skin is behaving like it is. I like to look at the connection between your gut, your environment and your hormones with your skin function.

Lastly but most importantly I like to introduce you to ingredients that your skin recognises. If your skin recognises it, it knows what to do with it. As simple as that. No rocket science required.

By regularly checking in with industry gurus outside of Australia and up-skilling myself I am equipped with up to the minute education. I focus on the topics that give you the outcomes so you don’t have to. The best place to start in achieving your best skin is with a consultation. Put yourself first. Today.

Beauty Therapy Richmond