SNS Removal

Step 1 – Filing

Take your nail file and file lightly. The idea is to break through the top layer of polish and expose the color below.

You don’t want to file too hard or for too long otherwise you may work your way down to your natural nail bed, which will damage your nails

Step 2 – Soaking

Firstly, I highly recommend you warm up your acetone. This makes removing SNS nails a lot quicker. You can learn how to warm up your acetone safely here.

While your acetone is warming up, take your scissors and cut 10 pieces of aluminium foil – they should be about 3″ by 3″ each.

Soak your cotton balls in your warmed up acetone. Take one acetone soaked cotton ball and place it on your nail, try to keep it from touching your skin at all.

Take your piece of cut foil and wrap it around your finger. The idea is that the foil holds the cotton ball in place against your nail without touching your skin at all.

Psst….want to know a secret? Use these little beauties instead of foil – thank me later 

Repeat this procedure for the rest of your fingers on one hand. I recommend NOT trying to do two hands at once as it makes it so much harder.

Step 3 – Removing SNS Nails

After letting your nails soak in the aluminum fol for 15-20 minutes, unwrap your fingers. The acetone will have started to dissolve the SNS nails power and it will be all gooey.

Take some paper towel and wipe your nails clean, you might need a few pieces of paper towel and some firm rubbing may be required.

If the SNS nails are still not fully removed, then soak your nails again as per step 2. On occasion it can take 2-3 times to fully remove the power nails.