Envy Spa Treatments


hydra experience   $120

Hydra Experience is a moisturising face ritual with a pure moment of well-being and exception that combines effectivness, sensoriality and absolute relaxation.

A one-hour beauty experience that provides your dehydrated skin with a genuine softness experience!

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nutricia solution   $150

Dryness, discomfort, tightness? Nutri Solution brings a feeling of immediate comfort and huge wellnes to the skin. 

Nutri Solution is a nourishing enveloping ritual to help dry skin regain its original softness and velvety texture.
Avocado and sunflower oil, almonds, cranberry…Its ingredients carefully selected provide a complete and balanced nutritional intake. The skin is strengthened!

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 ultra lifting   $160

Solution Ultra Lift is the latest anti-aging solution that remodels and re-sculptures the skin giving new volume, by treating the loss of firmness and elasticity with the benefits of Soya Proteins, Omega 3 and 6 and PAYOT’s own A.G.E compensating complex leaves the skin smooth, firm and lifted.


Sensi     $140

Redness, itching, inflammation, your skin is sensitive and stressed out? Sensi Solution is a beauy treatment solution wich soothes sensations of discomfort and protects the skin against environmental agression. Protected, soothed and moisturised, the skin recovers softness, suppleness and lasting comfort.