What to expect when considering cosmetic tattooing

When considering cosmetic tattooing, the most important task you have is to find a Practitioner that you trust.

A good Practitioner should be able to demonstrate an extensive portfolio of work done, present equipment and materials being used for the procedure, the premises, where procedures are performed, need to be certified for skin penetration procedures.

It is advisable that you schedule a consultation with your Practitioner and ask to draw your desired cosmetic tattoo enhancements in pencil to see if you like the result.


  •  Brow Powdering $400

  • 4 Week Follow Up $50

  • Colour Refresh after 12 month $150

  • Colour Refresh after 2 years $200

  • Colour Refresh after 3 years $300

  • After 4 years full price

Perfect brows


Don't under estimate the importance of brows. They are your most important feature on display. Eyebrows shape your face and frame your eyes. The balance of your eyebrows ha a dramatic effect on symmetry and beauty of the face.

I get asked all the time about how long eyebrow tattoos last. My reply is always  "Do you want beautiful eyebrows or eyebrows that last?

Pigment lasts 1-3 years and gradually fades away. Thi is why yearly touch ups are recommended to keep eyebrow looking their best.

The colour used to tattoo the body compound to the face are very different. Body tattoo ink is permanent. You may think you want your eyebrow tattoo to last forever but trust me you don't. The skin on your face changes (sags) overtime Hair colour changes overtime, whether due to ageing or declining to dye your hair. A permanent brow cannot accommodate these changes which i why special pigment is used for cosmetic tattoo. 

If you have had it with pencilling in your eyebrows every day, then you're going to love the nouveau contour technique. The perfect eyebrow shape will be created for you that suits your face shape.

Many clients at Skin Envy are over the age of forty. This is the age group when women who have either over plucked their brow or lost the tail of their brows due to the ageing process will seek the benefit of cosmetic tattoo. Another reason is failing eyesight which makes it difficult to pencil in an even shape.

We also work with women who have medical conditions such as Alopecia or have undergone cancer treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy that gain a great deal of confidence knowing cosmetic tattoo can restore their appearance.

Imagine being able to wake up for years with perfect eyebrows. That's the beauty of the powder brow It last for long than microblading which everyone loves. It also is not as deep therefore less scaring. You can expect your powder brows to easily last for one to three years with annual touch up sessions recommended.